The back should be worked from top to bottom and from different angles using different equipment, so that it is both wide and thick, and fully demonstrates a man’s erect posture. Back muscles are not the only part of the body that is the largest and strongest. It is made up of a complex series of interconnected muscle groups.

From the perspective of exercise, it is mainly (1) latissimus dorsi and teres major, (2) trapezius, (3) lower back: erector spine. Each area needs to be targeted with specific movements and firing angles.

Other small muscles in the back, including the teres major, can be assisted in exercising the latissimus dorsi. There is generally no isolated method of exercise. The latissimus dorsi muscle consists of three distinct regions:

(1) The upper and lateral parts of the latissimus dorsi muscle

Pull-ups: Wide grip pull-ups work the latissimus dorsi muscles on the upper and lateral sides and are a good way to increase the width of your back.

After sitting position neck pull down: wide hold pull down basically exercise back latissimus on side and lateral, it is the good method that increases back width.

(2) lower latissimus dorsi

Narrow grip pull-ups and narrow grip pull-downs are all good ways to work the lower latissimus dorsi muscles

Standing posture straight arm pull down: mainly exercise latissimus dorsi muscle

(3) Middle latissimus dorsi

One-arm dumbbell rowing: The ability to separate the latissimus dorsi muscles independently is a great way to compensate for exercisers who complain of back asymmetry.

Barbell bow row: this is one of the most popular latissimus dorsi building exercises.

T bar bow row: one of the moves similar to a barbell bow row.

Sitting row: can exercise whole back muscle group, and can assist to exercise arm and shoulder muscle.

(1) Shoulder shrugging

The main exercise for the trapezius muscle is the traditional shoulder shrug, which works well for the upper trapezius muscle

(1) back flexion and extension

Also known as goat stand, beginners practice the best choice of waist strength, this action action load is relatively small, the waist is not easy to injury.

(2) prone at both ends

Double upright exercise waist effect, comprehensive exercise under the back waist, hips.

(3) Swim upright

With prone two rise some spirit is similar, but basically exercise waist from diagonal Angle, some resemble the coordination of hands and feet when freestyle swimming (left right foot, right left foot) will maintain body balance, take comprehensive exercise next backside waist, hip

(4) Bend your legs and bow

Beginners can choose freehand; When the movement and waist strength increases, appropriate weight can be carried: general weight barbell, also can be done on the Smith machine. Comprehensive exercise next back waist, buttocks.

(5) Bend your legs and pull hard

Among the exercises to improve waist strength, hard pull is undoubtedly the most effective. Comprehensive exercise next back waist, buttocks.

Post time: May-13-2022
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