Speaking of equipment exercise, we can usually think of dumbbells or barbells, for girls, it seems that these two fitness equipment is a little heavy, but in fact, we may have some misunderstanding, dumbbells and barbells are different weights to choose, girls with barbell fitness is a lot of benefits. So what do you think are the benefits of barbell fitness for girls?


What are the benefits of barbell fitness for girls
1. Build muscles
Long-term practice of barbell can exercise upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles. Can modify muscle lines, increase muscle endurance, often do large weight barbell exercise, can make muscle firm, strong muscle fiber, increase muscle strength.

2, enhance the physique
Exercise barbell can increase the ratio of muscle to fat, enhance muscle metabolism, improve body immunity. Usually lack of exercise, petite, weak physique, can often practice barbell to enhance physical fitness.

3, prevent osteoporosis
Practicing barbells can increase bone density and reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis. The amount of calcium in the vertebrae can increase by 13 percent in just six months by lifting weights. Combined with an appropriate diet, can be a good defense against osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency.


Girls fitness barbell multiple suitable
20-30 kg is recommended, too heavy to easily exceed the body load, muscle and ligament injury. Barbell this is actually a low intensity, but very interesting exercise, the entire exercise process in the barbell and music to complete. In the training process, each person can choose different weights according to their own body conditions. Whether it is usually lack of exercise, petite, emaciated white-collar women, or strong girls, can lift it to the top of the head and repeated practice.

Post time: Jun-24-2022
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