As the saying goes, novice chest training, veteran back training, this is not only because the back is difficult to practice, but also because the back enhancement speed is slow, and many people can not see the effect in a short time is easy to give up. It is true that in the gym is better, if it is at home, do not master the method, just want to practice back, it is really some difficulty. But it’s not impossible. Master the following methods, stick to them, and with a healthy diet, you’ll see results in no time.

Method one: kneeling position push-ups
Kneeling push-ups are a good way to practice your back at home with your bare hands. When it comes to kneeling position push-ups, many boys may be dismissive, think it is too simple, to do it is difficult to do, however, although the kneeling position push-ups are simple to do, for the back exercise and stretching, than general push-ups or a lot of difficult push-ups effect is also good. So don’t underestimate it. Kneeling push-ups are also good for girls who want to exercise their backs, as they are not as difficult to do as regular push-ups.

Method two: supine clip back
Practice at home with your bare hands, or try a supine clip. It’s also a very simple action. In a little bit hard bed, or spread of yoga MATS on the ground can be, to the supine position, use the legs like sit-ups, qu, feet on the ground, and then arms clamp body, arm can stick on the ground, forearm stand up, and the ground vertical, trying to lift the upper body off the ground, insist on a few seconds, do it again next time, this movement mainly exercise on the back, Helps to add width to the back.

Method 3: Pull-ups
Speaking of home freehand back training, you can also use pull-ups, this is a relatively difficult movement, boys may not be able to do much, small strength girls may not be able to do. But it’s a great exercise for the back. If you have exercise equipment in the neighborhood, do it on the monkey bars, if not, do it on the doorjamb of your home.

Post time: Oct-07-2022
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