Everyone should be interested in the way of exercise, because now more and more people join the ranks of fitness. We have paid attention to sports and fitness, and will pay more attention to their upper body strength in the future, after all, upper body strength can directly affect our play in sports. In the process of upper body strength training may need to use some exercise equipment, then let’s understand the dumbbell upper body strength training diagram!

Dumbbell row upright
Dumbbell shoulder push
This exercise is aimed at the upper part of our body, chest and shoulders. Above all, we can use the sitting position when exercising, add two legs to separate nest, and put on the ground, the trunk still should keep straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, then let the palm forward, this time the fingers should be bent to 90 degrees, and to force, and then lift the dumbbell over the head. The speed of the dumbbell is best to slow down some, slowly control back to the original position can complete the movement. This exercise is relatively simple, but it works well, and if we feel thinner when we do it again, it will not only saturate our muscles, but it will also give us some exercise.

Dumbbell row upright
Dumbbell Upright rowing is a shoulder exercise. We take a standing position and spread our legs hip-width apart. The next step is to stand up straight and hold the dumbbells in both hands. Place the dumbbells in front of your thighs, palms facing back. At this time you can bend, and lift the elbow joint to the sides, the dumbbell will be lifted to the height of the shoulder joint, and slightly higher, stay for a few seconds and then slowly put back to the original position. This training is actually very classic for the shoulder, but it can also exercise the deltoid muscle and mainly exercise the upper part of the trapezius muscle. It can help you adjust the stability of the shoulder and improve your athletic ability.

Bend over dumbbell and bend one arm
This exercise exercises the back of the upper arm. First of all, we need to lean down, then put the left hand on the stool, the left leg kneeling on the stool, and then the right leg only needs to be slightly bent, and placed on the floor, supporting the balance of the body, so that the upper body is parallel to the floor. The next step is to hold the dumbbell in the right hand, with the upper arm sticking to the side of the body and the lower arm hanging naturally. Keep the upper arm still, then slowly straighten the elbow joint. When this is done, the dumbbell will rise to the side and back of the body, and then slowly return to the original position, this movement is constantly changing the left and right sides.

I believe that after reading the analysis of the article, you also know some training methods of dumbbell exercise upper limb strength, I hope that the analysis of movements can provide you with certain reference and advice.

Post time: Oct-13-2022
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