Fitness with equipment and fitness without equipment can stimulate the growth of muscles and the purpose of carving muscle lines, and they have their own views on the effect and cognition. As for which is better, it is the best to determine the target first and choose the way that suits them. When the choice also can offer according to the author the next judgment standard will arrange oneself reasonably to exercise means.

Fitness time

2 hours every day fixed time, suggest to choose the gym exercise equipment, gym equipment and warm environment, will provide a great convenience to fitness, dynamic music with atmosphere can inspire people’s motivation, on muscle shape has the very big help, get into the habit of a timing clock, more help to stick it out.

People who do not have fixed exercise time every day are advised to choose fitness without equipment. Fitness without equipment has very low requirements on place, equipment and time. Therefore, fitness without equipment is the best way for people who do not have fixed time to exercise.

Their body weight

Height of their body weight is often exercise is the most easy to ignore the problem, there is no equipment fitness this is on its own weight resistance of exercise to the body, the effect of stimulating muscles, bare normal weight choice fitness may cause certain effect of exercise on muscle, if the weight is too light also want to add muscle, no equipment fitness is impossible much stimulation to muscle, So it is difficult to see results, for thin people or more suitable for the machine fitness

Goals are everything

Differentiation of exercise equipment fitness can make muscles, bare like the tablet support of push-ups, and most of these actions on the body muscle has the effect of a transfer, but want to for a piece of muscle exercise, equipment fitness effect will be better, if it is a whole body muscle coordination bare for the purpose of exercise fitness effect will be better.

Fitness without equipment has a very significant effect on the improvement of muscle endurance, but it is not satisfactory for the change of muscle dimension. The size of the dimension is determined by the tearing and reorganization of muscle fibers through high-intensity exercise. If you want to increase the muscle dimension, the fitness effect of the equipment will be better.

Exercise control

Bare exercise for weight control is not so good, what is the maximum weight multiple decided the power of, only by increasing muscle group number, number to control the effect of exercise, weak control aspect, equipment fitness for weight control can be handy when, can pass the weight and the quantity to determine and adjust the exercise plans, controlling is stronger.

Economic conditions

Exercise equipment shall be carried out at the gym, cost is a big spending, whereas no equipment fitness spending is equal to zero, so to speak, but the gym has a professional guidance, more exercise partners and some convenient conditions, these aspects is self-respect cannot transcend to exercise, actually fit in addition to the above conditions, You also need to choose which is more suitable for you according to some other circumstances of your own.

Fitness is a long-term exercise, whether it is fitness equipment or no equipment fitness as long as you stick to the end will not let you down!

Post time: Nov-02-2022
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