When we exercise, we often do not practice with our bare hands. More often, we need to contact some equipment to assist us. The Roman chair is one of them. For fitness novices, it is more recommended to use fixed equipment to practice, on the one hand, it is easy to master, and more importantly, it is safer than free equipment. The easiest thing to do on a Roman chair is to stand up, which, judging by its name, must be “stand”. So how do you do that?


The correct training method of Roman chair lifting:


The first step: The Roman chair upright most need is our waist and abdomen strength, so want to do this movement, the first thing we have to do is to practice good abdominal strength. Start with a routine of sit-ups, belly curls or planks. It takes at least half a month to exercise the strength of the waist and abdomen. We can obviously feel the hardening of the abdomen, indicating that the muscles have been a little ready to come out, which indicates that the exercise effect has been achieved.


Step 2: Leg and back training is also what we must do in the Roman chair lift process. Our leg strength can be trained through weight squats or straight leg hard pulls. In particular, straight leg hard pulls are great for strengthening our leg ligaments and muscles. Then back endurance training, we can be done by pull-up. Also, the length of this basic exercise needs to be more than half a rain, so we need to have at least a month of basic training process, to better complete the Roman chair lift.


The third step: the last step is to carry out the formal lift of the Roman chair. At the beginning, we open our legs and shoulder width, stand straight and close to the Roman chair, and the body leans forward a little at this time. Adjust our breathing by taking a deep breath, bending down at the waist, and slowly moving down until our belly reaches its limit, which is the minimum Angle of our body that we can take. After reaching the limit, we slowly recover the motion upward until we return to the original position.


So that’s how to do the Roman chair lift correctly, so that we can do the Roman chair lift very well, but remember it’s a step by step, a gradual process.

Post time: Dec-26-2022
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