In addition to going to the gym, we will find that you can also buy some exercise equipment to work out at home. Barbells are a favorite equipment for many fitness veterans. People also buy barbells to help them build muscles at home. There are many movements in barbell training, so what do you know about the way to work out at home?

Side barbell row
Lift the barbell to the waist and abdomen, bend the arms slightly, keep this movement, and then do the leg squat, this movement is very laborious, it is also very tired to do, you can first skilled and slowly increase the weight. This movement is mainly used to train the strength of the lower limbs and the waist and abdomen of the arms. It can train the figure more evenly and avoid the body uncoordination.

Bending for barbell
This movement is mainly used to train the arms and chest muscles, especially the biceps muscle training is effective, this movement is also very simple, first lift a barbell, stand up straight and vertical arm down, then rely on the arm strength to lift the bar to the chest position, and then down again. Insist on this action every day, you will find that your arm muscles will be more and more obvious, strength will increase, summer to wear clothes is also very beautiful.

Barbell squat
Start by placing the barbell in a comfortable position for the trapezius muscles, where a towel can be placed for beginners. Then leg posture is very important, reasonable stance can maximize the power. Place your feet and shoulders in a straight line with your toes slightly splayed. Finally do not squat too deep, thighs almost parallel to the floor after a pause, then stand up. The purpose of the pause is to bring the bar to rest and strengthen muscle control.

Recommended anterior portion
This is a good way to stimulate the deltoid muscles, while taking a standing position will increase your overall strength. Start with your feet open, grab the bar with both hands and place it in front of your neck, not against it. Then use the strength of your shoulders to lift the bar. Pause when your arms are almost straight, then slowly lower them back to the starting position. Beginners recommend using an empty barbell bar to practice, find the feeling and slowly load.


Post time: Sep-29-2022
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